Profhilo Training Course (Practical)

Profhilo Training Course (Practical)

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What is Profhilo

Profhilo safely and effectively stimulates the bodies natural elastin and collagen production - Containing one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market at 64mg over 2ml.

Profhilo is an injectable anti ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid which is already found within our bodies, for skin that is loosing its elasticity and firmness with age.

There is an immediate noticeable improvement in the skin tone, including hydration as well as firmness and lines are minimised - full results will be seen within two weeks.

It not only boosts the and hydrates the skin but it also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue.

This course was £600 but for Black Friday only it is £300 so don't miss out!

Course Content:

  • How to administer Profhilo
  • Practical & theory
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety

Consultation forms including data protection on how to store your consultation forms, medical history and client consent.

  • Different Skin Types
  • Pre and post treatment procedures
  • Injection techniques
  • Marking out
  • Correct sharp disposal
  • About the product (Hyaluronic Acid)
  • How to set up
  • Managing Expectations
  • Contractions and aftercare advice
  • Pricing
  • Ongoing support
  • Marketing

By adding this treatment to your menu you can earn unto an extra £10,00 a year by administering ONLY ONE PROFHILO SESSION A WEEK.

This is an amazing treatment to add on and will take you approx 30 minutes in total, The skin is becoming more and more popular and everyone is excited for this new treatment. Remember SKIN IS IN!!!!

Its time to up your game!