Meet our owner and trainer Lauren

Hi, My name is Lauren Ashley and I am the trainer and owner of Visage training academy.

I am a mother of two and they are my motivation.
I have been in the industry, starting small since 2013, I dipped in and out due to starting a family but since 2016, I never looked back.

It all started when I was training and was on some terrible courses, I was never satisfied & I knew there was always more I needed to learn. This always resulted in me spending all of money on extra training courses.

Once I was satisfied, I kept finding myself helping others, people who I had previously met on courses, who were also not satisfied, I would pass on all of my knowledge and help as much as I can and seeing people thrive in their success felt amazing!

But, I knew if teaching was the road I went down I had to do it 100% I never wanted anyone to feel how I did and if I was training a course there couldn’t be any stone unturned, They had to know EVERYTHING!

First thing first, I enrolled myself onto a teaching course, So yes you can find accredited teaching and training on my list of qualifications. I think choosing a trainer who is actually a qualified teacher is so important, its not about just speaking about what you know, you have to know how to teach them that skill, lesson planning, managing, equality, layouts and so much more. I've got this down to the ground. Don’t worry I’m still Lauren, I won’t make anyone call me Miss Ashley haha.

I started teaching eyelashes and it was amazing, but I hadn’t yet reached my full potential and that’s when I began writing my own courses for aesthetics, I recently posted and IGTV about training on my Instagram, give it a watch on @visageaesthetics1