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IMPORTANT - Once you have selected what month you want to book in and paid for your session - contact us at info@visagetraining.com to book your ideal dates with us.


What is the power hour?

We have built this business form nothing, from the group up, as the owner of the business I began being a Mum of two small boys just ages 2 and 4 and it was a struggle with in the space of 5 years, we started with a small commercial property to now having a full academy and clinic with its own salon also almost 2000sq ft - We have had clients and students from all over the world and have trained THOUSANDS of students also, Worked with some of the best practitioners including practitioners from Texas.

Not only have we gained aesthetics and teaching experience and knowledge but we have been able to run a business from nothing now earning 6 figures every year.

We have had social media coaching, business coaching, mindset retreats, business courses & how to market to the best of our ability.

All while having two small children, owning a home and trying to still stay true to who we are.

Our owner Lauren, is still just herself the exact same as she was when all this began, just with a lot more knowledge she has banked over the years.

Beginning your business seems easy but once you have completed your training we know there are som any questions including ‘now what’ now where do you go, how do you get clients, how do you manage social media and so on.

Or you could be months/years into your business and hit a bit of a mental block ( this is very common)

Sometimes it takes an outsider just to have a chat with to give you some extra tips to help you further grow. I mean no one wants to stay in the same spot forever, regardless of were they’re at.

We are still growing and setting goals all of the time.

You may even feel although your business is thriving - but what if it could thrive even more just from some time little steps!?

So that is where the power hour comes into play…

This is designed to you, its designed to help you, designed to take you up the ladder after a few more steps, we will evaluate where you are, where you want to be heading, what your goals are and we will help you with our own strategies get to where you want to be, we will set the plans in motion and NOTHING is off limits, talks about social media and so forth - This is your time and were here to see you FLOURISH

We have tried and tested the power hours and our students have either doubled in income, seeing more clients come through the door and others we helped map out simple steps of running their business.

This will be tailored to you and this will help you grow an change your mindset and outlook on your business.

What is included

  • 121 training
  • X3 1 hour sessions over a 6 week period
  • The chance to further the training
  • Opportunity to ask any questions

For a SMALL investment lets get your business levelling up for 2024 don’t get left behind in this industry. Its all about investments and standing out.