Welcome to the Ultimate Aesthetics Subscription!

We will be working with big names from across the world, who specialise in not only Aesthetics but also business coaching and social media training.

We will cover money management, how to grow your business and much more. 

We will be doing Instagram lives, Q&A's, templates and all things networking and marketing. 

The Aesthetics Society is not just an aesthetics training membership, its everything you need to know to grow your aesthetics business from the ground up.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd then the Aesthetics Society is definitely for you.

We will also be holding free in house training and networking events.

We will also cover the popular subject of Instagram and how it can help you business reach new heights, including Instagram engagement and algorithm training, reel ideas and social media templates.

When you subscribe you will become part of our wider support group, all helping each to succeed.

For a small monthly payment, this subscription will keep you on top of your A game, in your business, your clients and your skills.

We promise you wont be disappointed. 

No contract, of course, so you can cancel anytime.

Here at Visage we have learnt that it is majorly important to keep investing in your business - we have spent over 10K ours in the last year alone to make sure you guys recieve the best from our new venture.

There will never be another reason to spend monthly on all your master classes AGAIN! We believe that our society will be amazingly beneficial and help you to grow and gain more confidence and of course clients! 

All course material will remain permanently for you to access for as long as you are a member.

We want to help you scale up your business.

The industry just isnt the same anymore, no one supports each other, no one helps one another grow.  Instagram engagement, reach and algorithms for aesthetics pages is shocking! However we will help you change this for your accounts.

Invest in your business, you dont get out your comfort zone standing still & we want to change this industry with you all, together - becoming one big online society. 

The Aesthetics Society.

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