Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolve Training (Online)

Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolve Training (Online)

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This course is usually £65


Please only select this course if you have a qualification in Fat Dissolving 

If you do not you can purchase our fat dissolving lemon bottle and combo training on our 'online courses' 

Lemon bottle is the new in demand treatment that the country has gone wild for!

It outstanding results are what makes it such a popular treatment, meaning your clients will see huge results & you get see the bookings flood on in!

Lemon is the perfect add on to your treatment menu.

This courses teaches you how to use the lemon bottle dissolver (which is different to your standard fat dissolving injections)

Lemon bottle is made from natural and safe products meaning it does not contain any sodium deoxycholate or hormones etc.

It does contain pineapple meaning anyone who has an allergy to pineapple must not have this treatment.

However the pineapple extract is amazing to reduce inflammation - meaning the down time for your clients is much less. It reduces the size of fat cells to maximise the fat reduction.

All of our courses are lead by passion and determination and we promise to bring you the best with an invaluable amount of information to become a professional and confident lemon bottle injectors along with being a successful business owner.

Please see course details below:

What you will receive:

  1. Level 4 Anatomy & Physiology (only required if not done before)
  2. Certificate
  3. Videos of performing treatment
  4. Videos of mixing up your product
  5. Full guidance of step by step instructions
  6. Full Manual
  7. Ongoing support

What’s included:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Anaphylaxis
  3. Laws and regulations
  4. The skin
  5. Vasovagal Attack
  6. Pre and post aftercare
  7. Sharps disposal
  8. Full kit/stock list with links
  9. What is lemon bottle
  10. Protocol
  11. Demonstrations
  12. Areas and dosages
  13. Injection techniques
  14. Complications

 Do not miss out on this massive opportunity to grow!

Once we receive your payment you will receive all course information, T&C’s and your invoice/receipt which is for all of your own records and our own.

    This is an online course which means it should be paid on full on purchase.

    Once we receive your payment you will receive all course information, including manual and videos, T&C’s and your invoice/receipt which is for your records and our own.

    Trainer: Visage Training Academy, 562 Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool L13 3DE (facing the Post Office near Tesco) - Lauren Ashley owner of Visage Aesthetics.

    Whether you are adding this to your treatment menu or a total beginner, Visage training can assure you, You will fall in love with this treatment and with our help and support we will take you to the top – nothing on this course is missed.


    If you have any further questions at all please give us an email at info@visagetraining.com or you can find us on our social media: @visageaesthetics1 or @trainingatvisage.

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    Visage Training Academy

    Lauren Ashley

    Once you have completed your course email us at info@visagetraining.com for your certificates