The Aesthetics' Society FAQ

Do I have to be a qualified in all aesthetics to join?

Our community group is for anyone within the industry regardless of experience who are wanting to not only grow their skill set but also their business.

If you are wanting to become qualified in any aesthetics treatments then we have you covered and offer over 20 different courses to suit you. Email: for more info

Or visit our site where you can book directly

How long will I get access?

It is a monthly payment meaning for £30 you get a whole months worth of content & masterclasses etc. This is updated every month meaning you access something new all of the time. This is the best investment for your business however small or large

Do you have masterclasses and training inside?

YES! There will never be a reason to pay for masterclasses again.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Being self employed can be lonely at times and running a business & life is HARD! We are here to make it simple for you & guide and help you grow. This is not only training but a community where you can speak to like minded people and feel empowered, motivated & inspired

Is this a good investment?

ABSOLUTELY! In an industry that can feel over saturated at times you need to stand out from a crowd - with help from people across the world and including business coaches and social media managers, this is your business bible. A small investment like this can scale you client base and bank balance

What if I am not available when you have your masterclasses running?

No problem, we understand not everyone is available all of the time and this is why we will be saving all masterclasses for you to re watch.

 Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Our doors be closing at certain times meaning any new updates, training, masterclasses, templates & so on you will not be able to access. There is no contract involved when you subscribe - just opening doors for you to grow.