Liquid Facelift
Liquid Facelift
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Liquid Facelift

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Welcome to your new world of opportunities a course designed specifically to

Double your income and clientele

It has been been written on the method: EARN MORE, WORK LESS

This course its to not only show you how to administer the liquid facelift treatment to clients of all ages but how to market it, generate new clients, double your income and how to price….

We have also included within this training a FREE community support group which you will always have access to, with ongoing training, videos, handouts, informations, Q&A's, lives and a place to meet likeminded people, network and support one another with a place to ask any questions. 

We are working closely with all students to make sure that they are DOUBLING their income month after month. 

This is not just a training course but an investment and something you haven't seen before.

Stand out in this ever growing industry and this is where it begins 

What’s included

7 modules

3 live model videos

Target audiences


Money making

Social media and content

Getting clients



This training is for a treatment not yet commonly seen in the aesthetics industry, meaning there is a gap in the market to create a niche and go get what’s yours!!

Nothing changes in your business if you don’t change!

We are sure that if you are ready to put it in the work placed to you on this training that you can earn double your usual income in month one!!!

We also have discount on branded merchandise & we help with content on how to market your business and find the correct clientele

The course is based on a strategic pattern that creates a natural facelift, to lift, add volume, contour, sculpt and define….simply giving you clients a full overall lift and youthful appearance!

We cover the mid to lower face, by following a strategic pattern to target certain areas.

Areas covered are:

Cheek (5 different placements)

Jaw (5 different placements)

Under eyes

Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines

Chin area (including chin dips)



Fat pads

Oral commissures

We use needle and cannula techniques

If you do not have cannula training you can do our online cannula training for just £50

You do not need your cannula training, although advised.

We also include some advanced anti wrinkle injections within our liquid facelift treatments and it usually makes us over £200 per client, we also have this to purchase online and if bought along with our facelift training you get an exclusive discount!

Please make sure you have your foundation anti wrinkle certificate before purchasing the advanced!

Please only select the FACELIFT training if you already hold a certificate in aesthetics

Once you complete your training you will receive the details of joining our group and we look forward to working with you!!

How to access your course:

On purchase you will be sent a order confirmation with a link button in blue saying "Go to my courses" - click on this link to access your superior course and follow the instructions.

Within that order confirmation you will also receive links to all your digital downloads - there will be 6 videos, Face Lift Part 1 , Face Lift Part 2, How to market your product and 3 live model videos.  Your downloads will be in a ZIP FILE - on download - unzip the folder to access all 6 videos.

You will also receive your order confirmation and digital downloads by email.

You will then need to subscribe to our site and have the ability to log in. That way if you leave the site and come back to complete your course in separate sittings - you can access it by clicking on the "courses" link in our main menu at the top of our website. 

An automated certificate will be emailed to you on completion of your course.