Complications & Hyaluronidase Dissolving (Practical)

Complications & Hyaluronidase Dissolving (Practical)

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ONLY FOR STUDENTS already trained in aesthetics or have a needle back ground, in order to complete your course you will have to provide evidence of your previous qualifications.
This course is built and lead by passion and determination and we promise to bring you the best with an invaluable amount of information to become a professional and confident AESTHETICS PRACTITIONER and successful business owner.
This course is absolute paramount if you are a qualified practitioner, this is all the back ground you need and in case of an emergency that can happen to anyone in the industry you NEED to be able to act immediately and confidently.
Nothing is left uncovered in this course, Level up your career and be able to practice safely  - If you’re more confident so are your clients which means more clientele and a bigger salary.
No stone is unturned this is the ultimate level up course.
Please see course details below.
What you will receive:
  1. Accredited certificate in complications in Filler and anti wrinkle
  2. Accredited certificate in hyaluronidase - dissolving in filler
  3. Full Manual
  4. Step by step instructions
  5. Safety in your work place
  6. Ongoing support
  7. Prescriber to hand for all products
  8. Access to our private students only groups for all support and help
  9. Course for medics and non medics
  10. Will use our platform to advertise you
  11. About Vascular occlusions
  12. Ptosis
  13. Recognising early signs
  14. Questions and answers
  15. Blanching and Mottling
  16. Skin discolouration and bruising
  17. Capillary refill and how to do check it
  18. Signs and symptoms
  19. Bumps in filler
  20. Infections
This course which includes all of the above and ongoing support for however long you require for ONLY £400
This course requires a deposit to secure your place and no further payment needs to be paid until the first day of training, You can however pay full balance and all payments can be made online.
Once we receive your payment you will receive all course information, T&C’s and your invoice/receipt which is for your records and our own.
You can potentially earn the cost of this course back in your first week of trading.
We do have finance options available with a finance company we work along side, please ask for more information on this as they have their own terms and conditions but full amount can be put on finance, this does not affect your credit score and will be approx. £10 per month. Please contact us at if this is something you want.
Trainer: Lauren Ashley owner of Visage Aesthetics. 142 Derby Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool L13 3DW
Whether you are adding this to your treatment menu or a total beginner, Visage training can assure you, You will fall in love with this treatment and with our help and support we will take you to the top – nothing on this course is missed.


If you have any further questions at all please give us an email on or you can find us on our social media: @visageaesthetics1 or @trainingatvisage

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